giovedì 29 ottobre 2015

Neoludica all'Ostello Bello di Milano

We are video-ludic, or rather NEO-LUDIC, because art comes into play.
For today the world is a video game, a total bet on our future, in which video game as a medium, knowingly sprung from its own fiction, may finally get out of the mirror, like Alice, in order to express its thought on a society that has never been so stratified and complex. The two realities -- which sum up to form one augmented reality -- are very much alike and cannot do without one another.
NEOLUDICA constitutes the first great attempt to define a coherent and strongly characterized perspective on this new, fundamental technological challenge art has embarked on.
Artists, creators, developers and players are then called upon to step up in class, and to accept a confrontation that will be aesthetic as well as ethic, and therefore will bring up more daydreams.

Giusto il tempo di traslocare dalla Games Week e la game art di Neoludica, in collaborazione con, approda in uno degli ostelli più rinomati a livello internazionale, l'Ostello Bello di Milano:

Quale luogo migliore per la più giovane delle arti, nata come arte post-geografica per eccellenza? 

La mostra resterà aperta fino all' 8 novembre.

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